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FCU Arinc Interface Board

For A320 series FCUs 

The Cavoksim FCU Interface board is designed to connect an original A320 Flight control unit (FCU) to a PC flight simulation. It is compatible with X-Plane for Windows in combination with Flight Factor A320 Ultimate and ToLiss A319, A321 and A340-600. Additionally Prepar3D with Jeehell A320 FMGS is now also supported.

board2d gray.jpg

The board is designed for easy plug and play connections. Only basic technical knowledge is required.

It uses the Cavoksim QuickConnect Plug and Play system with custom connectors designed especially for the FCU. This means easy connection with the FCU using 2 flat cables. No complicated and error prone DIY wiring is necessary anymore. The FCU can easily be connected in minutes.

QuickConnect Overview1.jpg

A special on-board 5V/400Hz AC circuit is provided to supply power to the annunciator LEDs. This ensures that the LEDs illuminate bright and evenly like in the real aircraft. The photo below shows a comparison with simple 5V DC supply powering the LEDs on the left and the Cavoksim board providing 400Hz AC power on the right side.

LEDs comparison2.jpg

The software package currently includes support for the following simulator platforms and aircraft:

- X-Plane with aircraft FlightFactor A320 and ToLiss A319,A321 and A340-600

- NEW: Lockheed Martin Prepare3D with JeeHell A320 FMGS

The package also includes a powerful diagnostic tool that can be used to check the FCU for any defects without the need of a simulator. It provides functions to test all buttons and lights as well as reading and decoding the Arinc responses and outputs of the FCU.

FCU diag demo1.jpg

For further information and hardware requirements to install the Cavoksim FCU board, please refer to the user manual. The link to download the pdf file of the manual is provided below: 

Features of the Cavoksim FCU board:

  • Easy installation and connection with custom designed connectors

  • Connects to the PC via LAN/Ethernet which is more reliable than USB

  • Modern 32 bit ARM Cortex microcontroller for fast and reliable Arinc decoding

  • 400Hz AC power supply for LEDs for bright and even annunciator lights

  • 28V to 5V converter is included on board to simplify the simulator wiring . Both board and FCU can be be powered from the same 28V power supply

  • Protection against reverse polarity of the input supply. Self resetting fuse 


Arinc Interface board for A320 FCU type K217

1 Set including Interface board, 2 flat cables and 2 QuickConnect FCU connectors

€449.50 incl. VAT

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The shipping is not included in the prices listed above. We ship with EMS Post or DHL. For orders and enquiries please contact

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