RMP Replacement LCD


We offer Replacement LCD kits for A320/A330/A340 Simulator Radio Management Panels and ATC/TCAS Control Panels. Our LCDs are custom designed to be mechanical and electrical fully compatible with the OEM Panels. They perfectly match the appearance of the original parts for simulator usage. We can provide kits for almost all RMP and ATC/TCAS Control Panel versions.





The OEM LCDs of RMP and ATC/TCAS panels have a tendency to fail and degrade over time. One of the reasons is that the older type panels use incandescent backlight. The backlight lamps are installed close to the LCDs and heat them up to high temperatures. That creates heat stress on the LCDs and damage them over time by evaporating the crystal fluid. Another reason for failures is that the OEM LCDs are of the dichroic LCD type. This is an older technology that is not commonly used anymore. It offers slightly improved contrast in bright sunlight/daylight conditions, but has a higher failure rate compared to other LCD types. This also causes failures of modern RMPs with LED backlight.


We are able to provide high quality replacement kits for much lower costs than the OEM spare parts. This LCDs are not dichroic because this would increase the cost significantly and offers and no advantages in the low light conditions of a simulator environment. In a typical simulator environment with backlight the CAVOKSIM LCD appearance is indistinguishable from the OEM parts (see photos below for comparison).

The replacement of a RMP LCD can easily be done with standard tools in 5-10 minutes. A detailed installation manual is available. The manual can be found here. One replacement kit contains a new LCD, 2 elastomeric rubber connecter strips and a high temperature resistant blue color filter (for kits that are used with incandescent backlight only). With this kits the LCD can be restored to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of OEM LCD spare parts.

Our LCDs are currently in use in many flight simulators worldwide (including Level-D Simulators) with good results and no failures. They are safely packed and delivered worldwide. Please contact us for shipping options.


Below there are some original and untouched photos of an installed CAVOKSIM replacement LCD in comparison to the original OEM version. The original LCD is installed on the left side and the CAVOKSIM LCD on the right side. The photos show that the appearance, contrast and viewing angles are nearly identical and that it is almost impossible to tell on which side the OEM LCD is installed.


Available LCD Kits


For Simulator use only

for RMP Panels with incandescent backlight

RMP P/N 899-0850-xxx

and ATC/TCAS Control Panels

P/N C12404xxxx

1 Kit contains 1 LCD, 2 connectors and 1 color filter

€59.50 incl. VAT

                      ---   In Stock   ---        


For Simulator use only

Kit for RMP Panels with LED backlight

RMP P/N C12848DB01

(for other P/N please contact us first)

1 Kit contains 1 LCD and 2 connectors

€68.50 incl. VAT

                      ---   In Stock   ---        

The shipping is not included in the prices listed above. We ship with EMS Post or DHL. For orders and enquiries please contact sales@cavoksim.com