ECAM ECP Flex PCB replacement kit

Custom designed spare parts for A320/A330/A340 ECAM Control Panels

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Photo of a CAVOKSIM REV2 replacement flex PCB. The ECAM ECP button plastic housing is not included in the replacement kit

The REV2 version of the ECAM Control Panel Pushbuttons uses flexible PCBs for the integral lighting and indicator LEDs. The REV2 version has a high failure rate. It usually fails at the solder joints to the main PCB because there is no reinforcement of the pins to protect them from bending stress. Later versions of the ECP have improved  designs to increase the reliability.  The flexible PCBs  offered by CAVOKSIM are replacements for "REV2" flex boards, which are early versions with the highest failure rate. CAVOKSIM flex PCBs are fully compatible to the OEM version and have a increased trace thickness and a robust pin header socket to improve the reliability. The LEDs on the board are carefully selected to provide the same color temperature and brightness as the OEM parts.


The CAVOKSIM replacement boards can only replace the REV2 version of the ECP pushbuttons. Please note that at least 3 different versions of ECP pushbuttons exist. Please check that your ECP is using REV2 flex boards before purchase (REV2 is printed on the flex PCBs). The boards can be replaced relatively easily with no special tools requirements, but some soldering skills are necessary because of the small solder joint spacing. We offer a repair service for your ECP if preferred, please contact us for details.  


Photo of a repaired REV2 ECP Keyboard with CAVOKSIM Flex PCBs installed


Example of a REV4 keyboard PCB. The CAVOKSIM Flex PCB is NOT suitable for this type of pushbutton.  Please note that here "REV4" is printed on the Flex PCBs and the contact pins are arranged in an Arc and not a straight line like for REV2.


For Simulator use only

for ECAM ECP with LED lighting and pushbuttons of type "REV2"

1 piece REV2 flex board

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