ATC/TCAS Panel 28V DC Power supply

For THALES ATC/TCAS Control panel PNR C12404AB02


The ATC/TCAS control panel needs a 115V/400Hz supply voltage by default. 115V/400Hz power supplies are often not desirable for simulator use. The 115V/400Hz supplies most commonly available for reasonable prices are used static inverters salvaged from old aircrafts. This inverters are not ideal as power supplies in simulators because they are usually build with old technology, are very noisy and not designed to run reliable for a longer times. On the other hand, dedicated 115V/400Hz avionics power supplies for simulator use can be very expensive.

This PSU kit contains all parts to convert the panel to operate with any standard 24..28V DC supply. This conversion makes it possible to avoid having to use a specialized 400Hz avionics power supply in your simulator. For the conversion the ATC panel has to be disassembled, the two standard 115V/400hz power supplies have to be removed and replaced with the 28V DC supply board. This conversion can easily be done in less than 30 minutes with little electronic knowledge and a few basic tools. A detailed installation manual is available for download here:



  • Easy conversion with basic tools in less than 30 minutes

  • The original appearance and functions of the panel are not changed in any way

  • The 28V PSU replaces all functions of the original 115V supply

  • Quick shutdown in case of overvoltage and reverse polarity to protect the ATC panel from damage

  • Low power consumption and heat generation. No active cooling required

  • Can simulate partial power loss to the panel to simulate the loss of one ATC system

  • The conversion is reversible. The original state of the panel can be restored at any time

Please note that this conversion kit only changes the power supply of the ATC/TCAS panel. The original software functions are not changed in any way. The panel will function on its own, but to communicate with a flight simulation software an Arinc 429 interface board and software driver is required. 


Content of the ATC/TCAS 28V DC PSU conversion kit


For Simulator use only

For conversion of a THALES ATC/TCAS Control panel PNR C12404AB02 from 115V/400Hz to 28V DC supply 

1 conversion kit as shown above

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